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S y m m e t r i c a l . E s s e n c e (of a Point Cloud)
3-Channel Computer-Animation, 10'01'', loop, 2013

Nearly four million digitally simulated molecules of water are arranged in the volume of a sphere with gravitational pull in its center.
Due to the influence of each other the particles start to form patterns and the symmetry of the sphere slowly evolves into more and more chaotic structures and thus demonstrates the momentum of complex systems.
As every particle is represented by only one pixel, the discrete space of digital media is shown as well as the complexity resulting by adding millions of them.
Depending on the distance to the monitors the spectator is free to choose her/is point of view and thus the behavior of individual pixels can be observed as well as the structures in whole.
Three perspectives of the same point-cloud at the same time are shown: top, front and side.

final thesis (.pdf - german)


Installation views: