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. m o i r é
17' loop, computer-animation, 1080p, stereo, 2012

A meditative study about the aesthetics of (digital) complexity and the perception of space.

A cube filled with points reveals new dimensions only by the vast accumulation of most simple elements and the change of perspective.
Structures emerge through overlay, respectively absence of particles relative to the (shifting) point of view.
The sound consists of analogue feedbacks. It will be performed live on selected exhibitions.

This work is about small details, which do not survive the harsh compression for web-streaming.
So the following videos are just to get a rough impression of the final piece...

High resolution stills (1920*1080): . III . III . III

interview (german)


Photos from exhibition Architekturteilchen, MAKK, Cologne, 12. May - 19. Aug 2012: